Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard 2011

The wind is a blaze
Thru the storm I cannot gaze.
The fire is roaring
I won't let this be boring.
A fully stocked bar
No need for a car.
Scrabble on my phone
Although cable I am prone.
Blizzard in Chi-town
I won't let you get me down.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An anniversary

It's funny how sometimes we know something before we consciously recognize it. Earlier this evening I got the hankering to listen to The xx. I love them but I haven't actively played them in a few months so wasn't sure where the random need to play the album came from but who am I to argue w/the desire for some good tunes? I put them on and quickly melted into their hypnotic voices, smooth melodies.

It reminded me of my friend Tera, the one who introduced me to them. This in turn brought back a rush of memories of exactly when I first heard them...at the rental house we had on the oceanfront of Encinitas, CA where we were for a week for work. Descending the stairs to their hypnotic voices, smooth melodies with the sound of waves in the background and smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen. I can literally sense the cool tiles against my feet, the salty air and mist from the early morning sky.

I decided to give her a little shout out on FaceBook about this reminiscing and then it struck me. What is today's date? When was I in Jackson Hole last year? Valentine's Day. Count backwards...hold the phone, Encinitas was almost exactly one year ago. Had my mind known that and therefore triggered this desire to hear The xx, to be transported back there? I really think so. I think our minds have a stronger bank of recognition then we give it credit for...a greater ability to recognize the importance or significance of certain dates, times, places, smells.

The other day I was at yoga and I actually thought about this trip, particularly this one night, sitting on the beach after snowboarding at a secret spot all day. A cool air, a beach fire, a bottle of wine, a guitar and 3 great new friends. I went to this place during yoga as a place of peace, of feeling centered, feeling warmth.

I've traveled a lot and had many random happenings, interesting meetings, intense memories, but I must say that trip is one that will forever give me a smile, be a place of peace and balance in my mind, a sense of warmth and wholeness.

Happy Anniversary TD, DL and BB. All my love and happiness for our fortuitous weekend, sealing our lifelong friendships.

"When I find myself by the sea, in another's company by the sea. When I go out to the pier, gonna dive and have no fear." - The xx, VCR

Monday, January 17, 2011

La Dolce Far Niente

After a long week running an event in the suburbs, I was in major need of a recharge. I dove in, head first, to 3 days of solitude and recharge. I kicked it off by watching "Eat, Pray, Love". I have to admit, I like the movie significantly better than the book, a sentiment I rarely feel. Having this movie start off my recharge weekend was perfect too, particularly because of a scene while she's in Italy. They discuss an Italian term, "la dolce far niente", which translates to the art of doing nothing. They discuss how Americans take time to do nothing and feel guilty whereas they and many other countries, do it because they want to and don't feel the need to justify or self-loathe after.

I embodies La Dolce Far Niente this weekend and don't have an ounce or regret or guilt. I slept, I watched movies, I got a massage, I meditated, I did yoga, I took a long candlelit bath, I had a beer while grocery shopping, I cooked a fabulous meal and enjoyed every last bite, I sat and read by the fire. I literally left my house 3 times...once for the massage, once for groceries and once for a movie marathon at a friends. I can't describe how great it felt to escape, hide, quiet my mind, not leave my apartment.

I am a generally outgoing sociable person but to recharge I need solitude. The escape from people, conversation, small talk was like a face lift...renewing. I recommend a day or 3 of la dolce far niente to all and I plan to have more at least moments, evenings of it.

Relax...because you want to.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top 10's

Hmm so a friend of mine posted a Top 10 list of songs for 2010 on his Facebook page and it got me thinking that I'd like to post a few Top 10 of 2010 posts before ringing in the New Year. Here are the categories I'm thinking:

Top 10 Memories
Top 10 Songs
Top 10 Movie/TV Show Quotes
Top 10 Places (specific vs broad)

What else, what else....not sure what I'll start with but perhaps tomorrow morning will be the first.